Mark Riley Trio – Bio

Mark Riley (song writer, guitarist, and vocalist):  For the past 14 years the Mark Riley Trio has played music to blues fans everywhere, all the while Mark has been appearing and recording with most of the bands in the Northwest Blues scene, as well as bands of other genres. He has received 20 "Best of Blues" awards from the Washington Blues Society, as well as "Bluesman of the Year 2001" "Summy" award from the Tacoma Music Association.  Mark has released five CD recordings; Lead Suit, Leap of Faith, Love & Trouble, Confessions of a Madman, and Do You Think I Can Hit It From Here. With 54 years of music making, Mark Riley is a consummate musician and artist who in addition to building guitars, and teaching music, has been a powerful presence in the music scene of the Pacific Northwest.  

Martin Vadalabene (drummer and keyboardist).  Martin is from St. Louis Missouri. As a young man Martin moved to Ellensburg, Washington, to join the band Got. He has recorded and toured with Cajun fiddle player, Doug Kershaw, with Warner Brothers Records.  Martin also appeared on Network TV with Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas, Dinah Shore, and PBS Sound Stage. Martin’s talent is impressive, and includes performing at a variety of classic concert venues from Farm Aid, the New Orleans Jazz Fest, The Grand Ole Opry, and the Lincoln Center in New York City.  In 1990 he moved to Seattle, Washington, where he began playing with some of Seattle’s best blues talent. In addition to playing the drums, Martin is also a keyboardist and composer, who is an integral force in the Trio.   

Tom Erak (bassist, vocalist, and producer).  Tom takes a unique approach to his music.  As a vocalist and bass player he brings a purity of presence to his work. Mark Riley first worked with Tom Erak with the Seattle Women in Rhythm & Blues, since then Mark has learned that Tom has toured with everybody from Randy Meisner to Barry Manilow and all points in between, as well as recording with numerous high profile artists.  The ultimate professional in all he does, and a severely talented man, Tom is a new addition to the Trio, and Martin and Mark are glad he is there with them. 




Mark Riley Trio ~ Photo by Dan Hill